Splendid Life


Our world tends to be rather complex and demanding at times. How do you stay tuned to yourself, your calmness, pleasure and own direction? How do you cope with changes and how do you create them? At school we learned about different topics, but not so much on the issue of ‘how to live my life’!

We teach you step by step to tune into a veritable ocean of energy, knowledge and information and to work with it and to use it in your daily life. This will make you happier and stronger, give you more trust, pleasure, fun and love. It is the key to creating your own map, with which you can give direction to all your steps.

We offer:

Splendid Learning

Courses Conscious People:
Basic Module: you learn about consciousness, intuition and energy and how to incorporate it in daily life.
Bachelor Conscious People- the big journey: you learn to observe and read energy and to heal
Master Conscious People- the next step in the journey: you learn to read systems and organizations and you deepen your knowledge of the world of energy and the connection with the daily world.

The agenda is being prepared and will be displaid soon. We will start with courses in Wéris (Belgium) from 21-26th August. We are planning to give the Basic Module in Ireland at the end of 2015.

Splendid Moments

We give energy-readings, live or via skype. Sometimes you don’t have the answers on your questions yourself or you have a desire to know about the how and why of a situation. A reading is a neutral observation and description of you and your life and gives answers on your questions (work, relations, goals, old emotions, all sorts of life-questions, etc). It gives insight in your situation, although we don’t give advice. You can mail tjeerd@splendid-life.nl for more information or to make an appointment

Splendid Travel

Very special and intense journeys to historic and prehistoric places and often in beautiful nature-areas. You will discover and experience the power of energy and the essential knowledge about life ‘in the field’. During the journeys Tjeerd will give classes how to do this. You will learn to focus your energy, intuition, knowing to experience the sites we visit. Traveling will never be the same again!

Next journey now is the trip to Ireland (12-20th July). Click here for more information.