Some comments after the first workshops in October 2015:

“Tjeerd guided us through many powerful exercises which I connected deeply with. I found the energy created within the group beautiful. The workshop was really beneficial to me and I look forward to attending the next one” C. McC

“In the workshop Tjeerd taught us how to release old energy and sustain our own. This has impacted my life for the better. The grounding exercise within the workshop was phenomenally powerful and I am practicing to date. I would recommend Tjeeret’s workshops to all.” C.C.

“I was really surprised at how expanded and powerful I felt during Tjeerd’s exercises. It felt as if a whole new dimension was opened out for me”. PH

“I’m looking forward to Tjeerd’s next visit to Dublin as I gained SO much from his workshop. It really clarified for me the way forward in my life and what my deepest heart’s wishes are”. EF