Technical requirements for doing the trainings

Doing the training: Joining the class

The course is stored in Google classroom, here you can find the lessons (private films and lectures on youtube), the reader, the MP3 exercises and the suggestions for ‘homework’. After subscribing

You have 2 ways to join a class:

1- After subscribing you are given a class code, use this code to add yourself to the class. Go to On the upper right corner of the screen select the plus (+) sign. Enter your code and join the class.
2- We can send you an invitation, sign in to Classroom and click Join on the class card.
If you deleted, lost, or forgot the class code before joining a class, ask your teacher to resend the code or set a new one.

Note: You only use the class code once to join the class. You are then enrolled in the class and you don’t need to re-use the code again.

Permission to see the youtube-videos (the lessons and the mini-lectures)

The videos with the lessons and the lectures are private. Admittance is restricted and only available to our students.  Therefore you need to have a google-account and/or a gmail address. We will add the gmail address to the youtube files. Then you can view the lessons.

Joining the hangout-sessions

To be able to join the hangout sessions (the livestream), you need to install a (free) google hangout plugin, click here.  Check if this works for your browser and if necessary change your browser.
If a hangout has been scheduled, please sign in, then we send you an invitation and you can enter the session.