Splendid Moments

Reading and Healing

Sometimes it is difficult to find answers on your questions or problems. Or you just want to know something about the how and why of your situation. We give extensive readings and healings on your questions (work, relation, health, general life-issues, etc.). A reading is a direct, objective, neutral and intuitive observation, in which we attune to you and your questions. It gives insight and sorts things out. At the end of a reading you will also receive a healing, this brings balance to you and your energy. It is also possible to come for a healing.

As there is some distance between you and The Netherlands, we also do readings via Skype.

An elaborate reading takes 1,5 – 2 hours.

Short Splendid Moments

It is also possible to tune in fast and quick into actual, short questions or wishes. We can watch with you live, via skype, by phone or via a recording. This will take half an hour – 1 hour.

Examples: you are doubting in choice you have to make. We can read the options (without of course making your choice…).  

Your child is sleeping bad. Ask for a healing on distance!

You want to sell your house. We can clean it energetically for you, which will more easily attract potential buyers. 

Reading of your organisation

We can read the important issues in your organization or about you and your role, etc. In 1,5-2 hours you receive a lot of information for which a consultant needs months of research…


‘Splendid Moment’ of 1,5 – 2 hours will cost you €80.

Special introduction offer: Skype-reading (1 hour): €30

Organisation Reading: €100

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Mail Tjeerd: tjeerd@splendid-life.nl.