Master Conscious People

The next step!

You learnt all ready a lot of working with energy, your own energy and your own process. The Master Conscious People you will deepen our knowledge, in order to ‘live’ it more. We will go on with a lot of practice in this. More ownership in the steps and the energetic principles, the next step to live and to ‘be’ unconditioned. On top of that you get more insight in the impact of the systems of what we all are part of: family, society, religion, organisations!

We teach about:

  • Systems (organizations, family, but also religions). In one block will ‘fly in’ a guest teacher who is specialized in systems. You will also practise organization- and systemreadings.
  • Reading and healing on a big variety of life-questions.
  • Astral body and your dreams. Ownership on your astral body has a direct impact on your daily vitality and power.
  • Creating and manifesting from energetic principles.
  • A weekend in the silence of Connemara and the Atlantic Ocean about ‘being’.


Data: follows
Teachers: Tjeerd Gorter and now and then a guest-teacher.

When? After the bachelor