Trainings Conscious people

Online trainings about intuition and energetic consciousness

The trainings give you more trust, more love, more pleasure, more happiness, more intuition and more inner-knowledge.

Tools for a Splendid Life is a Consciousness- and Intuition-training. The method was originally developed in the USA and The Netherlands. We developed it further into our trainings. We teach you step by step to tune into a veritable ocean of energy, knowledge and information and to work with it and to use it in your daily life. This will make you happier and stronger, give you more trust, pleasure, fun and love. It is the key to creating your own map, with which you can give direction to all your steps.

We offer several trainings in The Netherlands in Dutch, live and online, including programs to learn to ‘read energy’. In English we offer Tools for a Splendid Life 1 and in during 2018 we will offer Tools for a Splendid Life 2 and we start to develop and to deliver trainings on special issues. In addition you always can join one of our journeys. We will teach in English and in Dutch.

We make acquaintance and to become familiair to the method, there are some possibilities:

  • You can join one of the livestream sessions on google hangout.
  • You can do lesson 1 of the training online.
  • You can make an appointment for a reading via Skype.