About us

About Splendid

SplendidTravelSplendid is the result of a long experience in teaching about intuition, energy and consciousness. It is a creation of Marian van der Spek and Tjeerd Gorter, beloved ones and colleagues.

We see a development that in our times many people want and are able to develop and learn fast. We are very willing to support this. With Splendid we give a new and vital start in the profession of consciousness teaching. We would like to emphasize the importance of incorporation of development of consciousness, intuition and creativity in daily life. The lessons then have more impact and depth. That is why we choose to teach right from the start the observation of energy of situations, people, projects etc. Processes are fastened and at the same time we do justice to the life-experience that people all ready have. In the journeys (Splendid Travel) we use knowledge and wisdom of former cultures and people about live, happiness, dying, being born, emotions, patterns, trust etc. We can make good use of this wisdom in our times!

About the trainer: Tjeerd Gorter

Tjeerd-vierkantTjeerd began his career a Physical Geographer. Later (in 1996) he became teacher of intuition and consciousness. He has been a teacher and director of the oldest and biggest professional school in this field in the country and has taught many hundreds of people. From 2014 on he established, together with his wife Marian, Splendid-life.
One of Tjeerd’s specialities is to combine the energy-classes with field-trips. He guides groups to special places (like Newgrange, the Croagh Patrick, etc) and let people experience these sites on a deep level. These trips are life-changing, unique, intense and very pleasant.

Tjeerd will be the teacher in Ireland.

In the Netherlands: together with Marian

Since 2014  Tjeerd works together with Marian. They created Splendid. Qualities in their way of working are offering space, safety, humor, trust and comfort.