Wintersolstice in Newgrange

Letting go of 2020 and getting ready for 2021

On 21 December, the first ray of sunshine shines behind the 5300-year-old tomb of Newgrange some 30 kilometers north-northwest of Dublin, a magical moment. Already in prehistoric times this moment marked the end of the year and the birth of the new one. A time for reflection, deepening, letting go, transforming and also to celebrate the new birth.

The whole landscape of the inner bend of the River Boyne is dotted with such monuments. The area is a gigantic clock of earth, man and cosmos! It is a wonderful moment to go to Newgrange on this very day. On December 21st we gather at sunrise at the tomb and concentrate on exactly the energy of this special moment. We can’t get in at that moment, but we will make up for that later in the day. The other places on the program are the famous Tara where the kings were crowned in prehistoric times, the special Loughcrew and we cross a day to the west to the Knocknarea, where the ancient earth goddess Queen Maeve would be buried. All ‘big’ places.

We pay a lot of attention to completing old stories (for example from 2020 but also older stories). You explore your new steps and get ready to be ‘born’ in 2021.
It’s winter, so we also take our time for Irish fireplaces, pub meals and whatever else comes up.


19th – 23rd of December 2020


December 19th: Arrival Amsterdam – Dublin.
December 20th: Loughcrew and Tara. Letting go of the old year.
December 21th: Outside at Newgrange at sunrise, then from around 11.00 Newgrange in the tomb and visit to Dowth.
December 22nd: Travel of 2.5 hours through Ireland (and back) to the Knocknarea, the mountain of Queen Maeve. Stopover at the waterfall of Glencar
December 23rd: Completion and return Dublin – Amsterdam, afternoon

How do we travel?

We arrange the trip to Ireland in advance, but book yourself. You also have the possibility to go on your own and, for example, go earlier or travel back later and celebrate Christmas there. The car rental (van(s) or cars) will be arranged in consultation.

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