Wintersolstice in Avebury, 19th – 23rd December 2019

Letting go of 2019 and preparing for 2020

The Wintersolstice is a natural moment to let go the old (year), to investigate what the past year brought to you and to start the new year in a good manner. Of course Avebury is a great place to do this! All ready in the prehistory people attuned to the ritms of the earth and of the cosmos. These days we will make lot’s of space and time to do this! There is a lot to do and to experience her at this time of the year.
Avebury is one of the ‘great places of power’ of our world.

The Programm

Of course we have programm with intuitive exercises to prepare for 2020. We connect the themes and issues exactly with the energy of the places of power in the area of Avebury.

But, there is more to experience:

  • Of course we will experience the exact moment of the Wintersolstice
  • We will join a rital with the local druids
  • We we will do some dowsing with master-dowser Maria Wheattley
  • We will visit and experience the different sites: the big stonecircle, the inner stoncircles, the well, West-Kenneth Long Barrow, Silbury Hill, The Sanctuary, Windmill Hill. We will visit one of the famous White Horses. Of course we will go to Marlborough (Merlin’s Barrow) with it’s special mound, hidden between the buildings of the college.
  • We will feel and experience the male and female energy lines. These lines cross a couple of times in the area of Avebury.

During this journey we will stay in the same area. So there is really lot’s of time to sort out things…

We will stay in Willowbank Lodges at short distance of Avebury.

The trainer and guide in the field is Tjeerd Gorter. Tineke Vis en Marian van der Spek are co-organisers.

TrainerTjeerd Gorter.
Dates 19 - 23rd December
CostsOrganisation €435 (including accommodation (shared Rooms) and general costs). Excluding meals, journey in and to the area.
Accommodation Willowbank Lodges at short distance of Avebury.
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