Roundtrip Northeast Scotland

From Rosslyn Chapel to the Orkneys

The pristine landscapes, the islands, the countless stone circles, the Templars and even stories about Arthur, Scotland is magical. This time we choose the northeastern part. We start at Edinburgh at the famous Rosslyn Chapel. Then we head for Mount Shiehallion. Then there’s the Fortingall Yew, according to scientists, a yew that’s lived for 5,000 years. Then at once we drive north and sail to the Orkneys. Here we stay a few days between the megalithic buildings. On the way back south we stay a few days in the eastern Cairngorms and Aberdeenshire. A surprising amount of prehistoric stone circles awaits us here! Finally, we’ll spend a night in Edinburgh and we’ll sit down in style on Arthur’s seat. For eleven days we will enjoy scenic and (pre)historic highlights, magical places, the sea, the group, salmon by a fireplace, the meditations on the spots, the energy and infinity. It is an experience, which you could just carry with you forever and which you will enjoy for years to come.

A few highlights in a row

Roslynn Chapel: Some say the grail is buried here. Others say it’s not an object at all. The church has a lot of symbolism.

The Schiehallion, the ‘Elfenberg’. This mountain has been important for thousands of years for the people who lived here. A real Axis Mundi. We’ll climb it! The Fortingall Yew, it is possible that this tree lives here for already 5000 years!

The Orkneys: The Orkneys were abandoned when Stonehenge was built. In Newgrange (Ireland) objects have been found that can only come from the Orkneys. The suspicion is that Orkney was an important and ancient place for (in our terminology) energy education. We are going to investigate here for three days! Since our last visit here, important excavations have been done at the Ness of Brodgar, we are curious what has been uncovered! One of the special places in the Orkneys we find on the island of Hoy, the Dwarfie Stane, a hollowed out loose rock where time travel seems possible.

The Cairngorms/Aberdeenshire: Countless megalithic constructions can be found here. We allow ourselves to be surprised. The energy of the Megalith builders has proven to be a healthy addiction for years, which is much wiser and more present. Throughout the journey we reflect on and on the places and consciously resonate with the old knowledge of man and nature. It is an adventurous journey, both outside and inside!


9th to 19th of June 2020

The program

Day 1: Arrival Amsterdam – Edinburgh and drive to Rosslynn Chapel. Afterwards we drive in the direction of the Schiehallion for the night.
Day 2: Ascent Schiehallion
Day 3: Fortingall Yew and travel to the Orkneys
Day 4: Maeshowe, Stenness, Ring of Brodgar and Skara Brae
Day 5: Isle of Rousay: Number of tombs
Day 6: Mainland of the Orkneys revisited
Day 7: Isle of Hoy: Dwarfie Stane
Day 8: Driving to Aberdeenshire
Day 9: Visit of some of the many stone circles and other constructions
Day 10: Continue in the Cairngorms and drive back to Edinburgh.

Tour guide

Tjeerd Gorter

How do we travel?

On the spot we travel in a van, possibly supplemented with an extra car.

The accommodations

You will spend the night in twin rooms in hotels, a hostel and a country house-like setting.

Number of participants



€1195, including flight, overnight stays, transport on site, various ferries, entrances, supervision and lessons, Calamity Fund, SGR and ANVR. Lunch, dinner and own expenses are not included in the price.
Contribution Calamity Fund: €2,50
If you want a single room and it is available, there is a surcharge.

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Send an email to Registration goes in order of registration. If there is sufficient participation, you will receive a formal statement.