Roundtrip Portugal

Tour Portugal: Ancient Megaliths and Templars

This week we travel through mystical Portugal and explore ancient cultures. Portugal has a large number of megalithic monuments, some of which may be much older than we can imagine right now. More and more information about great, worldwide civilizations around the end of the ice age is surfacing. Are the remains of this in Portugal, among other places, to be found? In addition, the country is the cradle of the Knights Templar.

At all these places we will reflect on them together in order to be able to resonate well. It is possible that the information will continue to work for some time to come. The power places have certain themes, which will also be taught during the trip. It is a group trip, but at the same time a wonderful individual adventure!


Incas in Portugal? In Panoias we find stone structures that are more reminiscent of Inca structures. Could it be that the remains here are much older than we might suspect?


18– 26th of April 2020

The program

April 18: Arrival in Porto and drive to Vila Real, to Panoias. The constructions are similar to those in the Andes;
April 19, 2020: Drive to and visit Monsanto (‘holy mountain’) with among others an old Templar castle at the top;
April 20: Drive to Evora. A beautiful city with an old Roman temple. In the vicinity are many megalithic places to be found;
April 21: Further research Evora and surroundings;
April 22: Drive to Sintra. There is an abundance of special caves, tombs, tunnels and even a deep well;
April 23: Further research Sintra and surroundings;
April 24: Drive south, to the megalithic structures of Alcalar;
April 25: Alcalar and walking at the beautiful coasts;
April 26: Driving to Lisbon and flying back from there.

Tour guide

Tjeerd Gorter

How do we travel?

We fly from Amsterdam to Porto and back from Lisbon.
You can also travel earlier (plane, train or car) and / or back later. On the spot we travel in a van, possibly supplemented with an extra car. It takes a few days with many kilometers through beautiful landscapes.

The accommodations

We sleep in hotels. Breakfast are included. The other meals we arrange on the spot and are for our own account.  You often have the opportunity at lunch to choose your own packed lunch or a combination with something to eat in a restaurant.

Number of participants



Travel costs: €1,575
Contribution to the Emergencies Fund: 2,50
The costs include accommodation, transport on site, meals, entrances, SGR, ANVR,
accompaniment and ‘lessons’. Excluding the trip to Portugal, take into account €200 – 250 and excluding €2.50 for the Emergencies Fund. The nights are based on a part room. If you want a room only then there is an additional €150 surcharge.

For whom?

The trip is open to everyone. It is an active holiday, where a normal condition is sufficient. For whom? The trip is open to everyone. It is an active holiday, where a normal condition is sufficient.


Send an email to Registration takes place in order of registration. You will receive a formal registration link for HT-Wandelreizen at a later date, once the trip has been completed. When you register, indicate whether you want a single room or whether you want to share a double room. It is important that you take out good travel and cancellation insurance yourself.