Roundtrip Ireland

The country where the veil between heaven and earth just seems to be a little thinner…

Magic is in the air. Besides that the country is breathtaking beautiful and has many prehistoric hightlights. Once you visited this green country it lives forever in your heart.

The tomb of Queen Maeve on top of the Knocknarea-mountain. Queen Maeve is an old Earth Goddess.

Our journey start just north of Dublin at the famous megalithic constructions of for example Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth. Then we move westwards to the tombs of Loughcrew and Carrowkeel to the Sligo area. Hier we will visit Queen Maeve. On our way to Connemara we pay a visit to Errew Abbey in the middle of Mayo. From our accommodation Letterdyfe house we will make day trips to the Aran Islands. We will climb the pilgrim’s mountain croagh Patrick and we will be dwelling through the amazing Connemara landscapes.
On our way back to Dublin we will complete our journey in Tara. In prehistory kings were crowned here.

The Stone of destiny op Tara. The new king put his hand on this stone. If the earth answered by roaring with joy, then it really was the king. The earth gives birth to life and it was the task of the king to take care for life.


22th – 30st August 2020

The day-to-day program

Day 1: Arrival in, visit of the Fourknocks-tombe and drive to the accommodation.

Day 2: Tombs of Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth.

Day 3: Drive to the Sligo-area via Loughcrew. If there is time we will visits to the beautifully situated tombs of Carrowkeel.

Day 4: Queen Maeve tomb on de Knocknarea

Day 5: Drive via Errew Abbey naar Connemara

Day 6: St. Patricks Well and touring around Connemara

Day 7: Climbing of the Croagh Patrick

Day 8: Aran Islands

Day 9: Back to Dublin via Tara

The Croagh Patrick. On the last Sunday of July the mountain is climbed by thousands of pilgrims to let go of their sins. We will climb this mountai to resonate on the perceptible and sparkling teamwork of cosmos and earth.

Tour guide

Tjeerd Gorter

How do we travel?

We travel in a van, possibly supplemented with an extra car.

The accommodations

We sleep in different accommodations: a B&B near Dublin, a hostel like house near Sligo and a country house in Connemara.

Number of participants



€ 1,295 and € 2.50 calamity fund contribution

The costs include guidance, overnight stays, access, boat to the Aran Islands with bike rental, transport on site (van: due to the high season these costs are relatively high). Travel to Ireland and meals are not included. Breakfast is of course included in the B&B. In the other locations we arrange this ourselves. Book the flight or the boat and train trip and pay for it yourself, after the yes word for the trip has been given. The nights are calculated on the basis of a shared double room in the B&B and in Letterdyfehouse. The hostel is spacious and large enough for privacy but a bit separate. If you want a single room in the first and last location there is a surcharge of €100.

Register at

Send an email to Registration goes in order of registration. You will receive a formal registration link at HT-Wandelreizen at a later date, when the trip is definite. When you register, indicate whether you want a single room or a double room.