Online Training Tools for a Splendid Life

Training of awareness, intuition and energy as a trustworthy compass in life!

In these hectic times it can be tricky to create time and space for yourself, and to actually feel what’s important to you and make space for it. In this intensive and practical training in intuition, awareness, consciousness and energy you’ll give your soulpower all the space it needs, and it will give you:

  • More confidence, trust, peace, ease, freedom, power, clearness and pleasure. More presence and safety in your body.
  • Less stress, exhaustion, effort, fretting, overreaching yourself, losing yourself in conversations or relations and ‘trying too hard’

We offer this course online because:

  • You can take the lessons as often as you want and when it’s most convenient to you. This saves you a lot of time and you don’t have to hurry to get to your lessons on time!
  • You get the depth, exercise and experience of many years’ awareness- and intuition teaching right at home and forever in your mailbox. Truly a training for life. We make sure that there are many opportunities for interaction along the way. Circa once a week we organise livestream-sessions where you can ask questions an exercise. You meet your co-students as wel and share experiences. This is not obligatory, but you can tune in if you feel the need! Some people will tune in once, others more often.

What you learn in the training is immediately applicable in daily life!

Tjeerd Bodmin kopie
Training of awareness, intuition and energy gives you a trustworthy compass in life!

The contents

During this course you will learn to increase your intuition, liveliness and awareness by learning to feel and experience. You’ll learn all the important ‘energy-tools’ you need and you will practise them, which will get you moving. In the training you will learn things about life you never learned at school and that will help in your personal growth.

You will learn:

  • About energy: how it works and how it can benefit your life and happiness.
  • To work with energy: how to release old patterns, emotions and convictions.
  • About your personal space and about the interaction of energy with other people. You become more aware and mindful.
  • To concentrate and become grounded.
  • To remain centred and connected to your own information and goals. You make space for your desires and heart-wishes.
  • About your energy-balance: what drains energy and what gives energy and how can you control that?
  • About the difference between thinking and using your intuition. At school we learn to trust the thinking part of our brains. However the most important decisions in life are taken based on intuition. Intuition often seems to happen at random. We train you to use it in a direct and conscious way in your life.

To make acquaintance and to try!

To make acquaintance and to become familiair to the method, there are some possibilities:

  • You can join one of the livestream introduction sessions on google hangout, click here for the dates and times for the period till May 2018. Thereafter you can make a personal skype appointment.
  • You can do lesson 1 of the training online, click here. A short introduction of the course you wil find here.
  • You can make an appointment for a personal reading via Skype.

The format

The course: The course consists of 10 practical experience lessons with many recorded exercises, explanations, instructions, tips and tricks, illustrated by mini lectures. In total is circa 9 hours of lessons.
Personal contact: We think personal contact is very beneficial for the result. So you can ask your questions once a week in a google hangout session and once in two weeks we also do a short online class (1hr).

Additionally you can opt for the course including a short personal reading and an elaborate by one or our readers .
Material: A compact reader and 5 additional essential mp3-excercises.

Click here for the technical requirements.

Costs and subscribing

Training basic-package: €175

Training plus-package: €255 (including a personal short skype-reading, 0,5 hr and an extended skype-reading of app1,5 hour).

You can subscribe here. Please fill out what package you choose.

If you need more trainings (for more people) for instance for your organisation, we make a specified offer.

Info and contact

Other possibilities

If we get a group together, we might give classes in your region. We also organise travels to special places around the world, you are most welcome to join! We teach in English and Dutch.
In the Netherlands we give more elaborate trainings, for instance in reading and healing.

We do also offer skype-readings, see Splendid Moments.