Magical Cornwall

Reset yourself in this transformational journey

During this journey the magic of Cornwall will touch your soul. Doors in your subconscious mind will open naturally and that enables you to make long wished for changes in your life.
You will find some answers: What is draining you in your daily life, what on the other hand is most fulfilling? What changes do you wish to make? What adjustments and decisions are necessary to make? How can you do this? How can you, with this new knowledge, continue on your life-path, close to yourself and in full faith and confidence?

This journey is a mix of travelling, classes and a retreat. There will be class with all sorts of meditation exercises in which you get also tools for your daily life. These classes will be partly given inside in the atmospheric and comfortable cottage of Trevadlock Manor next to the beautiful Bodmin Moor. Beside we will make use as much as possible the power and wisdom of Cornwall. The entire area is full of places of power and knowledge, each with their own qualities. There are sites that invite to reflect or to let go or to feel the connection with the universe. Other places at their turn invite you to stand up in you power or to trust life a little bit more, etcetera.
We concentrate consciously on all these qualities. This helps to get the answers you need and to transform deeply and free yourself from all sorts of restrictions.

A selection of the sites:
Tintagel (according to the stories the castle where king Arthur was born), the spectacular Merlin’s Cave, the strange stacked stones of the Cheesewring, the stonecircles of The Hurlers near Minions, Boscastle and surroundings (waterfall of St. Nectan’s Kieve, the prehistoric labyrinth (an inscription in a rock), a bear-formed hill and a Hermit’s cell, high in a rock. During one day we will travel to the far west, to St. Michaels mount (the look a like of Mt. St. Michel in Normandy). the healing stones of  Men-an-Tol, the stonecircle of Boscawen-un. On the drive back we make a little detour to Land’s End.

These days you will silence your mind and distract yourself form the issues of the day. It enables you to reflect on what you are, where you are in your life and on your objectives and therefore free the path. Meanwhile you will enjoy the English countryside, unexpected places, tea and scones, your fellow travellers. You will simply have a good time.
During many years, this way of travelling has proved itself to be an extremely powerful and effective accelerator of personal transformations. Besides that is one of the most enjoyable ways of traveling…

People from Europe will fly to Bristol Airport. From there we will travel in a minibus to our destination. On the way we will pick up people from the UK or will meet them at Trevadlock Manor.
There you will have your own room. There are kitchens, so we can be self catering, but in practice we will be eating out as well. The group will decide on what it needs.

About the tour guide: Tjeerd Gorter

Tjeerd began his career as a Physical Geographer. Later (in 1996) he became teacher of intuition and consciousness. He has been a teacher and director of the oldest and biggest professional school in this field in the country and has taught many hundreds of people. From 2014 on he established, together with his wife Marian, Splendid-life. There the give trainings and perform readings.
Tjeerd’s speciality is to combine the energy-classes with field-trips. Both professions (physical geography and intuition and energy) come together. He guides groups to special places (like Stonehenge, Avebury in England of Newgrange in Ireland and … many more and let people experience these sites on a deep level. These trips are life-changing, unique, intense and very pleasant. He is author of Levend Land (only available in Dutch) about experiencing places of power and about the significance we give or should give to the earth and how we live on it.

Dates Thursday 10th October - Monday 15th October
Tourguide and trainerTjeerd Gorter
Travel to Bodmin MoorFrom outside UK: by plane to Bristol and then by minivan.
From within UK: we can pick you up on or on the way from Bristol Airport. Of course you can also choose to travel yourself to Bodmin Moor.
AccommodationComfortbale cottages of Trevadlock Manor:
CostsOrganisation: €377,50
Guide and classes: €195
The costs for the organization include accommodation, admissions to the different sites, and a contribution for travel organisation guarantee). Not included are the travel costs (minivan), all meals and flight to and form Bristol . Estimated costs: minivan €100- 130. Meals are dependant of how often we cook ourselves and how much we will have meals in a restaurant.
Subscribe and questionsSend a mail to Subschribing is based on sequence of registration. After the decision is made that the journey will go on, you get more directions for the official subscription.