Healing journey to the piramids of Bosnia

Wisdom from remote times at the surface

In 2005 a spectacular discovery was made in Bosnia. Completely overgrown hills turned out to be pyramids. According to estimates, the buildings were possibly more than 30,000 years old. It is a gigantic complex of several pyramids, under which large networks of tunnels have been found. New tunnels are still being excavated. All this casts a spectacular new light on our history. High time to investigate!

The trip

From the 9th till the 15th of May we will travel here. In total we spend three whole days at the pyramids. Every day we will be in the healing room in the tunnel. We also visit the different pyramids, sniff up the energy and also visit nearby places, such as a site with huge stone spheres. Did these come about naturally or not? We are going to investigate it.

In the week we will also travel 2 days to the south. Here we travel to the buildings of Daorson, we visit the Dervish House where an underground river rises above ground and of course we enjoy the huge waterfalls of Kravici. Where we can we also travel along some of the necropolises that the country has to offer!

We end the week back at the pyramids to breathe in the energy again and let it penetrate!


Are they really pyramids? There is a lot to do here. A project team and a large group of volunteers are working hard in the area to answer this question. In scientific circles, the claim is questioned. Others, on the other hand, are completely absorbed in the possible discovery of a new, ancient civilization. For us, travelers, the trick is to find the balance between what we perceive with our eyes and what we can simply feel and rely on. Could it be that a phenomenon is coming to the surface here that we cannot yet understand with today’s knowledge? Finding this balance makes the journey even more intriguing!


9th – 15th of May 2020

The program

May 9: outward journey Amsterdam – Sarajevo with Air Serbia. First visit to the tunnels.
May 10 and 11: Investigation of the pyramid area. Visit to the pyramids of the Sun, Moon and Dragon and also to the special Tumulus.
May 12 and 13: Travelling south, to the ruins of Daorson, the waterfalls of Kravici and The Dervish House.
May 14: Pyramids revisited
May 15: Rounding off at the pyramids and return trip

Tour guide

Tjeerd Gorter

How do we travel?

The group travels by plane. Of course you are free to arrive earlier or to travel back later, with the transport you want. On the spot we travel in a van, possibly supplemented with an extra car.

The accommodations

We sleep 5 nights in a basic convent hotel near the pyramids. During the trip to the south we spend the night in a beautiful hotel in that region.

Number of participants



Travel costs: €825
Contribution to the Emergencies Fund: €2.50

The costs include guidance, accommodation and breakfast, entrances, transport on site, contribution to HT walking tours and excluding flight, lunch and dinner. Book the flight and pay for it yourself, after the ‘yes’ for the trip has been given. The price is based on overnight stay in a shared double room. If you want a single room, you pay a total of €60 more.

For whom?

The trip is open to everyone. It is an active holiday, where a normal condition is sufficient. Good walking shoes are recommended.


Send an email to info@splendid-life.nl. Registration takes place in order of registration. You will receive a formal registration link for HT-Wandelreizen at a later date, once the trip has been completed. When you register, indicate whether you want a single room or whether you want to share a double room.
This all gives new insights about our human history.