Our world tends to be rather complex and demanding at times. How do you stay tuned to yourself, your calmness, pleasure and your own direction? How do you cope with changes and how do you create them?

We teach about energetic consciousness and teach you step by step to tune into a veritable ocean of energy, knowledge and information and to work with it and to use it in your daily life. This will give you greater strength and happiness enabling you to enjoy more trust and pleasure, fun and love. It creates for you a map that can give greater direction to your life.

You can read here about all our classes and journeys in Ireland and about the English spoken activities. You can find information of our activities in The Netherlands on the Dutch part of the site.

Splendid Learning Courses in Ireland! Teachings about conscious living, learning and growing via energetic consciousness, energy, vitality, inspiration and intuition: trusting your own inner knowledge and compass!
Splendid Moments Our consults: readings and healings and energetic coaching. All readings can be done live or via Skype.
Splendid Travel Unique journeys and excursions to inspiring historic, prehistoric and natural places of power and beautiful areas.