Your inner journey to happiness! Trainings in intuition, awareness and energy.

Living your life in joy, love and comfort!

At school we learnt about various different topics, but very little it taught on the crucial issue of “how to live my life!”. Maybe you’ve noticed for some time that no real answers to life’s questions can be discovered through mental analysis and logic. Life is a lot more than the sum of numerous separate pieces. However if you concentrate on your essential knowing – answers can be very simple and clear. This is why we teach about consciousness itself and how to experience the energy of intention, direction and creativity – These are aspects of life that are omnipresent. We teach you how to use these skills as your compass in every step of your life and work. You will discover that you will become more lively, radiant, happy and above all wise. You will experience more joy and will probably become far more efficient in your daily activities.

The trainings

We offer several trainings in The Netherlands in Dutch, live and online, including programs to learn to ‘read energy’. In English we offer Tools for a Splendid Life 1 and in during 2018 we will offer Tools for a Splendid Life 2 and we start to develop and to deliver trainings on special issues. In addition you always can join one of our journeys. We will teach in English and in Dutch.

To make acquaintance

To make acquaintance and to become familiair to the method, there are some possibilities:

  • You can join one of the livestream introduction sessions on google hangout, click here for the date and times for the period till May 2018. Thereafter you can make a personal skype appointment.
  • You can do lesson 1 of the training online, click here. A short introduction of the course you wil find here.
  • You can make an appointment for a personal reading via Skype.


The foundation of what we teach goes back to the 1960s. Lewis Bostwick created the Berkeley Psychic Institute in California as a means of teaching inner knowledge and intuition. He combined the best of several ancient wisdom teachings from the East and the West. In the 1970s these teachings were brought to the Netherlands where they were adapted to Western Europe and developed even further. In the last 50 years, thousands of people have learned these skills. As far as we know, these developments are unique to the Netherlands, but we are now spreading this knowledge across Europe.